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It is important to note that the scientific discipline of archaeozoology and the datasets produced reaches well beyond the science of archaeology.  Animals in one form or another have been present on the SADC landscape far longer than anatomically modern humans or our various ancestors have roamed here.  Archaeozoology is a vital and immensely valuable science and contributes to a holistic understanding of the animals themselves, the local environments and how these have changed throughout the last 3 million years.

Archaeozoology links to various scientific fields:  Anthropology; Anthrozoology;  Archaeology;  Biology;  Ecology;  Ethnography;  Morphology;  Paleopathology;  Palaeontology;  Paleozoology;  Veterinary; Zoology.

Archaeozoological data sets is and can be utilised by researchers with an interest in:  Animal husbandry;  Belief systems;  Cultural exchange;  Diet and nutrition;  Disease;  Domestication;  Environment and environmental change;  Ethnicity;  Food processing;  Landscape;  Material culture;  Seasonality;  Social status;  Subsistence strategies;  Technology.